February 26, 2018

New Feature: WebPOS Supply Chain System

As you grow your business, interbranch replenishment requests and centralized procurement process will begin to be a challenge for your operations team. Even then, the data needed to reconcile remaining inventory balance versus sales and delivery transaction across store warehouses are crucial and important.

Alliance WebPOS launched a new add-on module to help store owners and operators keep up with the growing demand to have updated inventory stocks and automate orders based on calculated data points.

Providing the Right Product, at the Right Time and at the Right Place – is the goal of Alliance WebPOS Supply Chain system.

Key Benefits:

  1. Data Driven
  2. Manage centrally
  3. Right order every time
  4. Reduce mistakes
  5. Consolidated orders

Key Features:

  1. Consumption Report – compute for average consumption based on sales and delivery history.
  2. Reorder Requirement – compute for orders based on re-order quantity, lead time from suppliers, average consumption, and buffer.
  3. Replenishment Requests – create orders from store level
  4. Delivery – track movement of orders from warehouse to stores
  5. Purchase Order – create orders to suppliers
  6. Receiving Report – track receiving report for replenishment requests and purchase orders.

To find out more information about this new module, contact our sales team and arrange a demo: | http://www.asi-ees.com/contact_us.php

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