December 3, 2018

Introducing the New Alliance HRIS

The growth of your business is dependent on the company’s most important asset – your people. Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, managing and engaging your human resource is highly critical for the entire organization. Thus, businesses across the world are now investing in human resource technology to automate their process.

Alliance Software’s commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions and continuous improvement in every workplace is once again made evident with its new HRIS offering. Hiring new talents, managing your employees, timekeeping, handling employee benefits, and monitoring employee performance have never been easier.

Why automate with the new Alliance HRIS?

  1. Easy to Use and Accessible

    Since the application can be accessed at just about any computer, employees can easily log in or out, view their logs, file requests, and view their information real-time. On the other hand, administrators may also manage the different settings and records in just one click.

  2. Efficient and Reliable 

    All transactions can be done in just one application. Employees, supervisors, managers, and administrators can view, filter, and generate on-demand reports based on applicable data conditions to search. Redundancy of work is highly minimized making HR and Accounting process more reliable and cost-efficient.

  3. Empower your employees 

    Just as every organization has a unique process, every employee has unique needs. Letting them manage their activities using a single portal just goes to show that you want to engage and encourage their participation. Not only that this will make the process and HR tasks easier, this will also result to highly motivated employees.

Key features of new Alliance HRIS are: 

  • Employee Portal
  • Employee Management
  • Timekeeping
  • Self-service Forms
  • Productivity Tracking

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Whatever your business's pain points are or milestones your business has reached. You always want to plan ahead. And it all starts with your NEXT MOVE. Alliance EDGE Business Software is a full business automation suite that gives businesses accurate and real-time data for efficient, maximized, and profit-driven decision-making. This business software helps entrepreneurs manage a business from sales, human resource, finance, marketing, customer relationships, to various IT support services.

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