December 18, 2019

Featured Product: Get your productivity fix with the upgraded Alliance Web HRIS!

Improve Workplace Productivity with the upgraded Alliance HRIS designed to facilitate a self-service HR management process.

Alliance Software continues to advocate for workplace productivity by constantly innovating and improving practical business solutions. Alliance HRIS rolled out new features focused on employee data management through self-service facilities that can be conveniently accessed via web.

Alliance HRIS is a suite of HR related applications linked to the Alliance Payroll System. The new features allow admin and users to maximize workplace productivity by reinventing workflow processes and improving employee information management.

  • Manage multiple entities with the advanced control panel.
  • No need to start from scratch! Seamless tracking of employee data during company and department transfers.
  • Ensure greater accuracy in tracking employee time and attendance. Business trip requests and Change shift requests are now core HRIS features!
  • Alliance HRIS runs on Microsoft Azure for improved accessibility and faster implementation lead time.

Main reasons to try the new features:

  1. Enhance employee experience by using a system that allow users to get more done with less effort and complexity.
  2. Free up HR’s time to focus on a productive tasks advancing HR’s responsiveness in the organization. Save time and energy by using an HRIS that can yield results rather than complicate company processes.
  3. Microsoft Azure hosting allows data in the HRIS to be stored on cloud and be accessed anytime, anywhere with internet connection. This allows maintenance of data with lesser cost because it takes away the need for internal servers. Plus support has faster turn around time!

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